Bernie Kirsh氏(チックコリア作品のレコーディングエンジニア)

チックコリア氏の多くのアルバムのレコーディングエンジニアとしても有名なBernie Kirsh氏より、山彦ピップアップへのコメントを頂きましたのでご紹介します。 Mr. Kiyohiko Yamaya and his company Sonaresearch have created what I think is the best sounding piano pickup. I have used piano pickups in high profile settings for decades and I've tried all of them. In a live sound situation the Yamahiko piano pickup makes it possible to deliver a natural sounding piano sound in the most demanding of environments. And I can also say that the pickups have proven invaluable in live recording situations where the sound of other instruments on the stage interfere with a clear piano sound from the microphones. I believe Mr. Yamaya has contributed an important and useful tool for those who want a good piano sound when pickups are needed. I think this is the best piano pickup available.