yukiko isomura (Pianist)

yukiko isomura

磯村 由紀子   さんThis is the ultimate line-out sound!!

Yukiko Isomura, in various genres pianist, composer, has a variety of activities as an arranger. Click here for her WEBSITE.

One day, she used a pick-up in her recording yamahiko. Even in her home studio. Before using yamahiko piano pickup, she has recorded piano by microphones.pickup piano is freed from noise and air conditioning."Now I can work on recording a grand piano closed" She is delighted. She then commented that she likes the sound quality is very clear.

Comparison between Recording model with SR (Sound Reinforcement) model


SR (Sound Reinforcement) model

Recording model

This sample is picked up sounds from BOSS DI-1 DAT using a direct box is a recording. Stereo sound pickup without a single 2 LR (L: low side, R: treble side), and therefore put in, hear the sound of a regular pick-up for each CD and listen in stereo may have a strange feeling like 知Remasen. If you use a proper recording used to mix the bass and treble side. Please listen to the neighborhood on your understanding.