About Bass pickup installation

Bass pickup

About Bass pickup installation

Why was the Pickup set in the leg of Bridge?

Our pickup system has been developed based on an exhaustive study on how the sound of double bass is born, from strings throughout to the body.

When bass players give the vibration to the strings, its vibration goes through the bridge to the top board, which then causes the sound wave of the air in front. The lowest registers come out boosted around the inner side of top board and f-hole. The top board shows its complicated vibration manners changing its most vibrating part depending on the register, but it produces such a flat and balanced sound when heard in a bit distance from the instrument.

double bass pickupIt is this top board that has the largest influences to the quality of the tone. In view of energy transmission, the energy given by the player firstly goes through strings, then it goes into bridge, top board, and finally it comes out as the instrument’s sound. Attention must be paid to the fact that the energy goes in opposite way as well, such as the sound loud around the instrument vibrates the top board and this energy goes up through bridge to the strings. Many players must have experienced this opposite feedback especially in loud live sessions.

The string with its nature of resonance holds the energy inside and releases it out gradually via the bridge to the body, diminishing its own vibration energy. The sound out from the body diminishes as well. This is typical sound of acoustic bass called "sustained sound" unlike the ones from the electric bass guitar. The top board has many resonance points in its larger area and exchanges energy from/to the strings all via its bridge in between. As explained above, the bridge is the main channel to and from which all the sound energy information comes and goes within the instrument. This is probably why many existing pickups are set somewhere on the bridge, the only part the most of sound information concentrates.
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