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Bass pickup

Our clear picking up policy

Bass pickupThen we continued to study on the best place where the pickup should be set in the bridge, and have reached the conclusion that the two legs of the bridge should be the specific good positions. Because almost sound information of the instrument through these two legs. And these two legs are of very simple structured and strong pole with almost no resonance. We think these positions are the best position that pickups to install. 

The next selection must be made which of the mode should be picked up, "vibration force" or "vibrating acceleration"? Vibration force means the force to push the topboard, and vibrating acceleration means how the bridge legs moving by the vibration. Vibration force comes from string, and push topboard, and topboard move vibrating, and sound come out from topboard. On the other hand, vibration energy of string transmitted to topboard through bridge, and the vibration energy of topboard back transmitted to strings through bridg. From these thoughts we think this is the best way that to pickup vibration force in the two bridge legs.

We thence have succeeded to obtain a flat and wide range of the sound without peculiar self-vibrating noise.

Incidentally, or luckily some string height adjusters have been in the market for long with their setting position unexceptionally in the legs of bridge. Therefore we can naturally take advantage of this shape and our pickup system become compatible with a string height adjuster.

The inside of the string height adjuster is the excellent quality of vibration sounding piezo force sensor which brings you the perfect fidelity of natural bass sound, and this is our double bass pickup system CPS-DB.

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