Custom Products

Custom Products Introduction

Custom products designed according to customer request, a full custom product will be produced. We will produce products according to your purpose. Depending on the case, use the microphone and the vibration pickup.Please feel free to contact us email form.

Flute Microphone System

As an example of custom products, will introduce the request made by Mr Jeremy Steig.


  1. Audio Technica ATM35 microphone system is based and is specifically adapted to suit the flute. Please treat as always ATM35 Audio manuals.
  2. Joints of the flute tube attached to the clip and adjust the microphone so that the desired position.
  3. Connect the microphone cable to the power module, power module and cable XLR connectors for signal sending.
  4. Phantom Power is recommended that you use, Phantom Power is the absence, 9V battery can also be used.
  5. Phantom Power can expect high quality and high dynamic range can I use.

About Tone

  1. Roll-off circuit of power module has been converted into a form suitable for the flute.
  2. This circuit reduces the roll-off effect is emphasized when the low frequency microphone closer to the flute and the low frequency noise reduction that occurs when the key operation of the flute.
  3. When using this roll-off circuit switches the power module please set the roll-off position.